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Femelle de l\'île de Mumbo

Melanochromis auratus

© Photo de Ad Konings


<i>Amatitlania siquia</i>, reconnu comme synonyme junior de <i>Amatitlania nigrofasciata</i>

Amatitlania siquia, reconnu comme synonyme junior de Amatitlania nigrofasciata — Bagley et al. (2016) ont prouvé que Amatitlania siquia est un synonyme junior de A. nigrofasciata,mais ne l'ont pas déclaré ainsi. Artigas Azas (2021:18) a reconnu la synonymie... plus

Fiche d'espèce

Amatitlania nigrofasciata

Amatitlania nigrofasciata (Günther, 1867) — par Juan Miguel Artigas Azas

Many of the very interesting biology facts of this species have only been reported in recent years.

Cichla ocellaris

Cichla ocellaris Schneider, 1801 — par Juan Miguel Artigas Azas

Cichla ocellaris is the representative of the family Cichlidae.

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Favorites — par Juan Miguel Artigas Azas

A little used, but I believe useful feature of the Cichlid Room Companion is that of selecting favorites. Favorites are user’s selected material that is easily accessible, and in some cases be featured


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11-avr.-2021, Traduction: Lufubuchromis Schedel, Kupriyanov, Katongo & Schliewen, 2020 (Philippe Hotton)
11-avr.-2021, Traduction: Lobochilotes Boulenger, 1915 (Philippe Hotton)
11-avr.-2021, Traduction: Limnotilapia Regan, 1920 (Philippe Hotton)
11-avr.-2021, Traduction: Lepidiolamprologus Pellegrin, 1904 (Philippe Hotton)
11-avr.-2021, Traduction: Labidochromis Trewavas, 1935 (Philippe Hotton)
11-avr.-2021, Traduction: Kronoheros Říčan & Piálek, 2016 (Philippe Hotton)
11-avr.-2021, Traduction: Kihnichthys McMahan & Matamoros, 2015 (Philippe Hotton)
11-avr.-2021, Photo: Mylochromis plagiotaenia, Mâle en aquarium, (Patrick Tawil)
11-avr.-2021, Photo: Mylochromis plagiotaenia, Femelle en aquarium, (Patrick Tawil)



Lithochromis xanthopteryx (want)
Lethrinops lethrinus (want)
Lithochromis rufus (want)
Copadichromis parvus (want)
Parachromis dovii (sell)
Amphilophus zaliosus (want)
Amatitlania myrnae (sell)
Astatoreochromis alluaudi (want)
Haplochromis limax (want)
Amphilophus hogaboomorum (sell)