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Male in normal coloration

Thoracochromis brauschi

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New species of <i>Hemichromis</i> described

New species of Hemichromis described — A work on the five-spotted group of Hemichromis from West Africa has recently been published in the journal Hydrobiologia, the paper is authored by Arnold Roger Bitja-Nyom, Jean-François... 更多的


Metriaclima phaeos

Metriaclima phaeos Stauffer, Bowers, Kellogg & McKaye, 1997 — 作者 Ad Konings

A very attractive species with blue-black males and all-yellow females.

Metriaclima xanstomachus

Metriaclima xanstomachus (Stauffer & Boltz, 1989) — 作者 Ad Konings

A rather large mbuna with a yellow throat which seems not overly aggressive.

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