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Labeotropheus synonyms (23-Dec-2023)

Following Konings (2024) we now list Labeotropheus aurantinfra, L. candipygia, L. chirangali, L. rubidorsalis, and Labeotropheus simoneae as junior synonyms of Labeotropheus trewavasae. Additionally, we now list Labeotropheus alticodia, L. artatorostris, L. chlorosiglos, and L. obscurus as junior synonyms of Labeotropheus fuelleborni.

Shuja pfefferi (16-Dec-2023)

Based on Konings, 2023:20 (Tanganyika’s shrimp-hunting Haplochromine: ‘Gnathochromis’ pfefferi) we have reclassified Paratilapia pfefferi, Boulenger, 1898 in the genus Shuja.

References for localities (29-Sep-2023)

Localities assigned (and mapped) to species in their profiles now show the reference that we use for the assignment, be a picture at the locality, a video, a reference, or a museum collection record. In this way, we can improve the soundness of the data. In a similar way, the localities profiles show an option to list the species by reference, which in the same manner shows the references for the assignment of a species to the given locality.

27 years online (06-May-2023)

Today the Cichlid Room Companion reaches another milestone by being uninterruptedly online for 27 years.

System update (19-Nov-2022)

We updated some parts of our system to comply with PHP 8.1 and current standards, if you are experiencing problems with your session when login into the site please delete the cookies of the site in your browser and log in again.

Swimming with cichlids (10-Aug-2022)

We have added a new editorial section by Pam Chin, who will be sending us articles about her experiences about swimming with cichlids in many localities of Lake Tanganyika. We have already started the section with one article: "Cape Kachese -Zambia". Check it out!.

Changes in the nomenclature of Tropheops (22-Jul-2022)

Some changes in nomenclature for the genus Tropheops were made based on the discovery by Konings (2022) of the correct type locality of Tropheops tropheops, the type species of the genus, and of Pseudotropheus novemfasciatus. The changes include the re-identification of T. tropheops for what we listed as Tropheops sp. 'broad mouth’ — this latter profile was deleted. What we previously listed as Tropheops tropheops is now referred to as T. sp. 'orange chest'. Additionally, a new profile for Tropheops sp. 'masimbwe' was created for what we previously listed as Pseudotropheus novemfasciatus. The real P. novemfasciatus was previously listed as Pseudotropheus sp. ‘lucerna brown chia’ — the latter profile is now deleted.

Reclassification of references (28-May-2022)

We have changed two groups of references classification in our library. The groups "Distribution and conservation" and "Ecology and environment" are now "Distribution and exploration" and "Ecology and conservation". The affected references have been reclassified under their new groups.

Twenty six years online (06-May-2022)

Thanks to all of you who visit us and support us, today the Cichlid Room Companion makes twenty six years uninterruptedly online.

Philippe Hotton fellow of the Cichlid Room Companion (10-Mar-2022)

We are naming Philippe Hotton from Belgium, longtime supporter of the Cichlid Room Companion, as fellow of this site. Philippe has translated to French many thousands picture captions, as well as many genera and species profiles, and a significant amount of material that allow us to provide the content of the site to native French speakers in their own language. A huge amount of work. Thanks Philippe!.

Profiles dedicated to long time supporter Tomas Nilsson (08-Sep-2021)

Tomas Nilsson from Sweden, long time sponsor of the Cichlid Room Companion, has recently passed away, as reported to me by his family, who also told me he always held this site in his heart. Starting today I have dedicated the following species profiles to his memory: Cincelichthys bocourti, Cribroheros alfari, Thorichthys aureus, Thorichthys helleri, Thorichthys maculipinnis, and Thorichthys pasionis. These profiles, as it was his wish when sponsoring them, will remain open for all to read as long as the site is under my supervision.

Changes to Astatotilapia species (19-May-2021)

Following Turner, Ngatunga & Genner (2021), we make the following changes to Astatotilapia species in the cichlid catalog: Haplochromis gigliolii, Haplochromis fuelleborni and Haplochromis katavi are moved to Astatotilapia; Tilapia (Ctenochromis) sparsidens is provisionally recognized as junior synonym of Astatotilapia bloyeti (This was first proposed by Regan, 1922); Astatotilapia paludinosa is recognized as a junior synonym also of A. bloyeti; Haplochromis sp. ‘Chala’ is identified as Astatotilapia bloyeti and removed from the catalog; Astatotilapia swynnertoni is recognized as a junior synonym of Astatotilapia calliptera; Paratilapia vollmeringi is recognized as a junior synonym of Astatotilapia gigliolii; Astatotilapia tweddlei is recognized as a junior synonym of Astatotilapia gigliolii.

Thorachochromis petronius a junior synonym of T. pharyngalis (12-Dec-2020)

Following Vranken et al., 2020 we have moved Thorachochromis petronius to the junior synonymy of T. pharyngalis.

New rank for Serranochromis jallae (29-Oct-2020)

Following Stauffer et al., 2020:130 we elevate Serranochromis robustus jallae to specific status.

Kinichthys junior synonym of Cincelichthys (02-Oct-2020)

Following Artigas Azas (2020:10) we now list Kinichthys as a junior synonym of Cincelichthys.

New sort order options for species bibliographies (08-Jul-2020)

Species bibliographies can be now ordered chronologically and showing the nomenclature history of the species besides the regular bibliographic order.

List of all genera (11-Jun-2020)

To help you find a genus even if it is considered a synonym of another, I have developed a report that shows you the full list of genera plus their taxonomic status. For valid genera you can see the number of species currently assigned to it. To reach this report you have to click on the "genera" sub-menu option in the main catalog page. To return to see the valid genera default list you simply have to click on "genera" again.

Traders reports include type of offer (08-Jun-2020)

The weekly traders reports will now include if the offer is for a "want" (the advertiser wants that fish) or "sell" (the advertiser sells that fish.

Alcolapia a subgenus of Oreochromis (04-Jun-2020)

Following Ford et al 2019 phylogenetic work on Oreochromis we have reduced Alcolapia as a subgenus in our catalog.

IUCN species classifications (29-May-2020)

IUCN species classification of risk is now shown graphically in each species profile.