NOTIFICATIONS: Cichlid Room Companion system and editorial notifications.


Affinity groupings for genera (24-Apr-2020)

In order to have a better understanding of cichlid genera I have added a tab to each genus profile for showing affinity groups (e.g. herbivorous, cave brooders, etc) to which species in each genus are linked. Affinity groups are classified in several categories (morphology, habitat, feeding, mating, breeding, aquarium and special). I have also added a clickable summary to each genus profile. In addition, the report for general catalog groupings (linked in the left menu of the main catalog page) is now given by genus and not by species. I have done this to give a better picture of genera affinities. We are still working to assign each cichlid species to affinity groups but the advanced work should give a good picture for each species.

Tropheus sp. 'maculatus' added to the cichlid catalog as potentially undescribed (30-Dec-2019)

Based on the paper van Steenberge, Maarten. 2014. "Species and speciation in Tropheus, Simochromis and Pseudosimochromis". PhD Thesis KU Leuven, Belgium. pp. 1-358, we have tentatively included in the catalog the potentially undescribed species Tropheus sp. 'maculatus'.

BOT attacks protection (07-Nov-2019)

We have implemente a DNS proxy to control the attacks by BOTs, because of this you may sometimes experience a five seconds white javascript screen before you access the Cichlid Rom Companion, this is perfectly fine.

Forum restored (28-Oct-2019)

After some very heavy load produced by misbehave BOT crawlers, we have had to shut down the forum intermittently during the past few days. As of now we have implemented several protective measures including DoS attack protection, session number limitation and updating the php software to version 7.2 (although the CRC supports the latest 7.3 the forum software does not yet). As of now The forum software is now operational again, we continue monitoring the forum and keep hopeful the taken measures will suffice. We are sorry for the inconveniences caused by the interruptions.

New genus Paragobiocichla (10-Oct-2019)

Based on the recent paper by Weiss, J.D & F.D.B. Schedel, Zamba, A., Ibala, E.J.W.M.N. Vreven & U.K. Schliewen (2019) we have added to the catalog the new monotypic genus Paragobiocichla for P. irvinei.

Pelmatochromis annectens junior synonym of Thysochromis ansorgii (09-Oct-2019)

Based on the new paper by Walsh, Lamboj & Stiassny (2019), we move to accept the junior synonymy of Pelmatochromis annectens to Thysochromis ansorgii, initially proposed by Lévèque et al. in 1991.

Four new potentially undescribed species added to the catalog (09-Oct-2019)

Based on Ad Konings 4th edition (2019) of "Lake Tanganyika cichlid in their natural habitat" book, we have added to the catalog four potentially undescribed species, namely Julidochromis sp. 'ornatus kombe', J. sp. 'ornatus kapampa', ]J. sp. 'ornatus muzi' and Neolamprologus sp. 'kombe'.

Complete Buntbarsche Bulletin Index (17-Nov-2018)

We now have a complete index of the American Cichlid Association's Buntbarsche Bulletin in the site, all references are cross-linked to their treated species profiles. Thanks to Daryl Hutchins who included over a hundred issues that were still in need of indexing.

Cichlasoma urophthalmus stenozonum junior synonym of Mayaheros urophthalmus (11-Nov-2018)

Following Morgenstern (2018) we have placed Cichlasoma urophthalmus stenozonum in junior synonym of Mayaheros urophthalmus.

Haprochromis sp. 'Ile des cochons' included in the catalog (09-Jun-2018)

Based on Oliver Lucanus (2018) account on this potentially new species, we have included it in the cichlid catalog with a character of potentially undescribed, so future references to this form can be addressed to its own record.

22 years online! (06-May-2018)

The Cichlid Room Companion reaches today 22 uninterrupted years online!.

We reclassify Rocio gemmata as junior synnym of Rocio octofasciata (26-Dec-2017)

Based on arguments presented in Artigas Azas, 2018, we reclassify R. gemmata as a junior synonym of R. octofasciata.

Two potentially undescribed species of Lepidiolampolohus included in the catalog (16-Oct-2017)

We include two new potentially undescribed species of Lepidiolamprologus from Lake Tanganyika in the cichlid catalog: Lepidiolamprologus sp. 'hecqui mahale' and L. sp. 'meeli southeast'.

Get your public profile! (03-Aug-2017)

You can now activate your public profile page with your favorite species and social media information by checking 'Activate public profile' in your user editing form. The URL for your public profile will be then given in your user information for you to share.

Catalog counts now available (23-Jul-2017)

A table with the number of species in the cichlids catalog, tabulated by geographic area and taxonomic status is now available.

Vieja sp. 'coatzacoalcos' removed from the cichlid catalog (19-May-2017)

Due to the fact that we have not been able to find a clear diagnosis that may differentiate Vieja sp. 'coatzacoalcos' from V. zonata we have removed the former from our catalog, this is done until a clear diagnosis becomes available. We recognize that all species exhibit a certain degree of variability and should not confuse this with a specific differentiation.

Pseudotropeus sp. 'elongatus slab' removed (28-Sep-2016)

Based on Li et at (2016) we have merged the records of Pseudotropeus sp. 'elongatus slab' with those of Chindongo bellicosus, considered the same species.

Updated cichlid classification (15-Sep-2016)

With the purpose to integrate the family groups classification for the family Cichlidae we have followed the latest works that incorporate extensive DNA comparison techniques and the valid family groups names available. For American cichlids we have trusted the latest proposal by Smith et al (2008) accepting the suggestions given by Říčan et all (Říčan et al, 2016). Several family group names and diagnoses were taken from Kullander (Kullander, 1998) and other sources. For African tilapines we have followed Dunz et al (2013), their diagnoses and proposed family group names. For Lake Tanganyika cichlids we have followed Poll (1986) and Takahashi (2003, 2016). For Madagascar and Indian cichlids we have followed Sparks (2004) and used his diagnoses. Some areas are still in need of a valid classification, so we will update the present classification as new information becomes available.

Twenty years online! (06-May-2016)

Today the Cichlid Room Companion has reached twenty uninterrupted years online! Thanks to all our contributors, supporters and over all to our visitors for making this possible.

Reclassification of some Central American cichlids (20-Apr-2016)

We have adopted the proposed classification based on Rican et al 2016 treatment of Central American cichlids which includes nine new genera (Chocoheros, Chortiheros, Cribroheros, Darienheros, Isthmoheros, Kronoheros, Mayaheros, Talamancaheros, Wajpamheros) plus the diagnosis of other genera and the reposition of several species into new genera.