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* 08- 9月-2021
Profiles dedicated to long time supporter Tomas Nilsson

Tomas Nilsson from Sweden, long time sponsor of the Cichlid Room Companion, has recently passed away, as reported to me by his family, who also told me he always held this site in his heart. Starting today I have dedicated the following species profiles to his memory: Cincelichthys bocourti, Cribroheros alfari, Thorichthys aureus, Thorichthys helleri, Thorichthys maculipinnis, and Thorichthys pasionis. These profiles, as it was his wish when sponsoring them, will remain open for all to read as long as the site is under my supervision.

* 19- 5月-2021
Changes to Astatotilapia species

Following Turner, Ngatunga & Genner (2021), we make the following changes to Astatotilapia species in the cichlid catalog: Haplochromis gigliolii, Haplochromis fuelleborni and Haplochromis katavi are moved to Astatotilapia; Tilapia (Ctenochromis) sparsidens is provisionally recognized as junior synonym of Astatotilapia bloyeti (This was first proposed by Regan, 1922); Astatotilapia paludinosa is recognized as a junior synonym also of A. bloyeti; Haplochromis sp. ‘Chala’ is identified as Astatotilapia bloyeti and removed from the catalog; Astatotilapia swynnertoni is recognized as a junior synonym of Astatotilapia calliptera; Paratilapia vollmeringi is recognized as a junior synonym of Astatotilapia gigliolii; Astatotilapia tweddlei is recognized as a junior synonym of Astatotilapia gigliolii.

* 12-12月-2020
Thorachochromis petronius a junior synonym of T. pharyngalis

Following Vranken et al., 2020 we have moved Thorachochromis petronius to the junior synonymy of T. pharyngalis.

* 29-10月-2020
New rank for Serranochromis jallae

Following Stauffer et al., 2020:130 we elevate Serranochromis robustus jallae to specific status.

* 02-10月-2020
Kinichthys junior synonym of Cincelichthys

Following Artigas Azas (2020:10) we now list Kinichthys as a junior synonym of Cincelichthys.

* 08- 7月-2020
New sort order options for species bibliographies

Species bibliographies can be now ordered chronologically and showing the nomenclature history of the species besides the regular bibliographic order.

* 11- 6月-2020
List of all genera

To help you find a genus even if it is considered a synonym of another, I have developed a report that shows you the full list of genera plus their taxonomic status. For valid genera you can see the number of species currently assigned to it. To reach this report you have to click on the "genera" sub-menu option in the main catalog page. To return to see the valid genera default list you simply have to click on "genera" again.

* 08- 6月-2020
Traders reports include type of offer

The weekly traders reports will now include if the offer is for a "want" (the advertiser wants that fish) or "sell" (the advertiser sells that fish.

* 04- 6月-2020
Alcolapia a subgenus of Oreochromis

Following Ford et al 2019 phylogenetic work on Oreochromis we have reduced Alcolapia as a subgenus in our catalog.

* 29- 5月-2020
IUCN species classifications

IUCN species classification of risk is now shown graphically in each species profile.

Public user pages improvement

Registered user have now the possibility to add a custom text and motto to their public profile pages. This can be done by first activate their public profile page in the edit section of the user page. After this is done, a text box will appear allowing a custom text to be added, this text and motto will be then show in the public profile page of the user, which can be accessed from a link in the upper green menu bar under the user's name.

Favorite items

Try to find a reference, profile or picture you liked or use? There is now the possibility for registered users to add items, which include genera, species, localities, pictures, videos and references as their favorites. This is done by clicking on the "add to favorites" link in a profile. For pictures or videos, click on the white star on the item page, which will then turn gold. To get to a picture page from the expanded picture view, click on the little camera icon shown in the caption. Favorite items will be shown in the "favorites" tab in the user page, from where users can subsequently easily access them.

* 24- 5月-2020
Bibliography for genera

I have now added a new tab to each genus profile so you can have a list of bibliography for a genus. The report obtained includes references where the genus is treated as whole in any area, like taxonomy, genetics, distribution, behavior, etc.

* 27- 4月-2020
Genera species per country

I have added a new tab to the genera profiles so that you can now see the country distribution for the species in each genus.

* 24- 4月-2020
Affinity groupings for genera

In order to have a better understanding of cichlid genera I have added a tab to each genus profile for showing affinity groups (e.g. herbivorous, cave brooders, etc) to which species in each genus are linked. Affinity groups are classified in several categories (morphology, habitat, feeding, mating, breeding, aquarium and special). I have also added a clickable summary to each genus profile. In addition, the report for general catalog groupings (linked in the left menu of the main catalog page) is now given by genus and not by species. I have done this to give a better picture of genera affinities. We are still working to assign each cichlid species to affinity groups but the advanced work should give a good picture for each species.

* 30-12月-2019
Tropheus sp. 'maculatus' added to the cichlid catalog as potentially undescribed

Based on the paper van Steenberge, Maarten. 2014. "Species and speciation in Tropheus, Simochromis and Pseudosimochromis". PhD Thesis KU Leuven, Belgium. pp. 1-358, we have tentatively included in the catalog the potentially undescribed species Tropheus sp. 'maculatus'.

* 07-11月-2019
BOT attacks protection

We have implemente a DNS proxy to control the attacks by BOTs, because of this you may sometimes experience a five seconds white javascript screen before you access the Cichlid Rom Companion, this is perfectly fine.

* 28-10月-2019
Forum restored

After some very heavy load produced by misbehave BOT crawlers, we have had to shut down the forum intermittently during the past few days. As of now we have implemented several protective measures including DoS attack protection, session number limitation and updating the php software to version 7.2 (although the CRC supports the latest 7.3 the forum software does not yet). As of now The forum software is now operational again, we continue monitoring the forum and keep hopeful the taken measures will suffice. We are sorry for the inconveniences caused by the interruptions.

* 10-10月-2019
New genus Paragobiocichla

Based on the recent paper by Weiss, J.D & F.D.B. Schedel, Zamba, A., Ibala, E.J.W.M.N. Vreven & U.K. Schliewen (2019) we have added to the catalog the new monotypic genus Paragobiocichla for P. irvinei.

* 09-10月-2019
Four new potentially undescribed species added to the catalog

Based on Ad Konings 4th edition (2019) of "Lake Tanganyika cichlid in their natural habitat" book, we have added to the catalog four potentially undescribed species, namely Julidochromis sp. 'ornatus kombe', J. sp. 'ornatus kapampa', ]J. sp. 'ornatus muzi' and Neolamprologus sp. 'kombe'.