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The Amphilophus labiatus Species Complex

By , 1982.

The Amphilophus labiatus Species Complex

Classification: Species overview, North America.

(This article was originally published in "Frashwater and Marine Aquarium" April 1980, pp. 30-35, 67. It is here reproduced with the permission of author Paul V. Loiselle).

Perhaps the most noteworthy development in the aquarium hobby has been the explosive increase in the number of available cichlid species since the mid 1960's. The large absolute number involved conveys the impression that this phenomenon involves African cichlids exclusively. Such an impression is highly erroneous. Prior to the pivotal year 1964, the rich cichlid fauna of Central America was represented by three commercially available species: Thorichthys meeki, the Firemouth; Archocentrus nigrofasciatus, the Convict Cichlid; and Cichlasoma octofasciatum, the Jack Dempsey. Today, thirty Central American cichlids are available, a ten-fold increase (Editor note: the article was written in 1980, today in 1998 almost a hundred Central American cichlid species are available in the cichlid hobby). Of these twenty seven additional species, five are re-introductions of species earlier imported into Germany or the United States while twenty two are complete newcomers.

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