Juan Miguel Artigas Azas,
Cichlid Room Companion

A colorful Jewel from Southern México, 'Cichlasoma' salvini

By , 1998.

A colorful Jewel from Southern México, \'Cichlasoma\' salvini

Classification: Species overview, Central and North America.

'Cichlasoma' salvini female with her fry 'Cichlasoma' salvini female with fry at Rio Chacamax, Usumacinta, at Nututun, Chiapas, México. Photo by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas.

This beautiful, bashful cichlid inhabits the rivers and lagoons of the Atlantic slope in northern Central America, hiding its beautiful colors from the ever present dangers. "Pico de gallo" (Rooster's peak) is the name given by the fishermen from Veracruz, among some other names by which it is known in other areas.

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