Ad Konings, 2012
Cichlid Room Companion

Genyochromis mento - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing?

By , 1999.

Genyochromis mento - A Wolf In Sheep\'s Clothing?

Classification: Species overview, Lake Malawi.

OB female Pseudotropheus elegans and Genyochromis mento An OB female Pseudotropheus elegans (left), a sand dwelling species from Nkhata bay, and its mimicking Genyochromis mento (right) from Chadagha, north of Nkahata bay. Photos by Ad Konings.

One of the most widespread cichlids of Lake Malawi is the well-known fin-biter and scale-eater, Genyochromis mento. Although its formal description - by the late Ethelwynn Trewavas in 1935 - is relatively recent compared to other common mbuna, it can easily be recognized by collectors in the field by its comparatively prominent lower jaw ... a fortunate occurrence because Genyochromis mento will not hesitate to attack other fishes when placed together in a drum for transport and shipping!

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