Pam Chin, 2002
Cichlid Room Companion

Tropheus anonymous

By , 2000.

Tropheus anonymous

Classification: Captive maintenance, Lake Tanganyika.

What is it about Tropheus??? Why is it so hard to raise and successfully spawn them?? I have loved this fish from the first day I saw Tropheus duboisi in Brichard's book, "The Fishes of Lake Tanganyika" years ago. I began to learn about other varieties, as you know there are many. Whether it was duboisi, kaisers, moliros, red saddles, etc., I just wanted to have this fish, and give it a try. After a trip to my local pet stores, I was laughed right out into the parking lot, but most of the places couldn't even say Tropheus. As I searched further the only apparent source was mail order, and they commanded a high price. The written information was scarce, and scary. Virtually no articles in hobbyist's publications, most books only talked about them in the wild. What is the big myth about this fish??? Everyone discourages you from trying them because they are hard to keep. No details as to why, just hard to keep.

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