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Satanoperca cf. leucosticta "Amazonas Red"; An Immediate Mouth-Brooding Demonfish from the Rio Amazonas

By , 2001.
Lee Newman, 1998

Satanoperca cf. leucosticta \

Classification: Behavior, South America.

Satanoperca cf. leucosticta male 'Amazon red' Satanoperca cf. leucosticta male 'Amazon red' in the aquarium. Photo by Lee Newman.


According to Kullander (1989), Satanoperca leucosticta, described from Surinamese material, is separated from the other named species of Satanoperca, in part, based on light spots on the cheek and operculum. Kullander (1989), also reports that S. leucosticta ranges in Guyana and Surinam; the low-lying area north of the Guiana Shield in north-eastern South America.

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