Kurt Zadnik, 2002
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Is This Nanochromis dimidiatus?

By , 2001.

Is This Nanochromis dimidiatus?

Classification: Taxonomy and phylogeny, Africa.

Nanochromis sp. 'silverbelly' An adult male Nanochromis sp. "SilverBelly". Photos by Kurt Zadnik.

In my early days as a dwarf enthusiast, I spent hours in the local library pouring over old tropical fish magazines and ancient reference books. One I finally bought for myself (and cherished) was J6rg Vierke's Dwarf Cichlids (1979). You wouldn't believe the time I invested in reading this book from cover to cover over and over again. I still recall dreaming that I'd acquire some of the incredible fishes pictured on those pages. One that I couldn't wait to get my hands on was Nanochromis dimidiatus. The illustration in Vierke's book shows a bright red male displaying to a female? an incredible sight. I now realize that there must have been a number of other people lusting after the same fish, because invariably after presenting my slide lecture on dwarf cichlids, an oldtimer will walk up to me and say, "Do you ever see that little red dwarf anywhere?" The fact of the matter is that Nanochromis dimidiatus has not been in the aquarium trade for almost thirty years.

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