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Kipili or Bust

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Pam Chin, 2002

Classification: People and associations.

" Pam Chin gets inspired by her Lake Tanganyika 2010 trip and synthesizes her impressions in this short poem "

Happy boys and happy faces Happy boys and happy faces.

Pull up a chair and listen to my story
’Bout Cichlidiots in a tin can
That started from Chitimba Bay
Inside this tiny old mini-van!

Our leader was a mighty cichlid man
A legend; brave and tough
Eight passengers took off that day
For Kipili or bust, Kipili or bust!

We went thru many roadblocks
Each one with uncertainty
They said we needed seat belts
And chose cheap over safety, cheap over safety!

We finally learned how to play the game
And found our secret weapon
Just let Miss Claudia talk
And the gates would slide open, slide right open!

The mini-van kept going on this uncharted African ADventure
With Konings and
Un-technical John
The Doctor & Pharmacist
An ACA star
The Mexico Engineers and Pam
Road trip to Kipili, Kipili or bust!

Like a Tuna can in a washing machine
We drove for a long, long time
Over gravel, sand, rock & fire
It was an uphill/downhill climb!

The driver Chris and the Mexico boys
While they did their very best
They managed to hit every rock and hole
Between Tuduma and the rest, Tuduma and the rest!

The shaking started getting worse
The luggage rack was coming off
We had no shocks and the brakes were gone
But we still didn’t stop, we could not stop!

It was an amazing cichlid journey
Of friends crammed in a mini-van
On the road for over 30 hours
Just so I could see Lake Tanganyika again, see Tanganyika again!

Mini van Mini van.
The road The road.


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