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Thorichthys, Aquatic Treasures of the Mayan Land

创建者 , 2008.
Juan Miguel Artigas Azas,

Thorichthys, Aquatic Treasures of the Mayan Land

" Thorichthys, the wonderful assemblage of colorful Central American cichlids inhabiting the Mayan jungle in Central America, have been represented in the aquarium hobby by the Firemouth cichlid, Thorichthys meeki, for almost a century now. But the rest of the species in the genus have nothing less to offer than this long time favorite. Learn about their taxonomy, distribution, biology, as well as their proper aquarium care and captive breeding in this article covering all the species and their habitats "

Article statistics: 3,214 words, 31 color illustrations, 4 tables, 4,484 kb pdf size

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