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Tropheus distribution map

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Classification: Distribution and exploration, Lake Tanganyika.

Tropheus basics, in collaboration with Cichlid Press and The Cichlid Room Companion present this Lake Tanganyika map, exhibiting locations for all Tropheus species and its variants, click on any of the icons (most of them up to this point) and get a large picture of the variant selected.

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Tropheus annectens Kongole Tropheus annectens Bulu point Tropheus brichardi Benga Tropheus brichardi Kabimba Tropheus brichardi Kalemie Tropheus brichardi Karilani Tropheus brichardi Karilani gold fin Tropheus brichardi Kavalla Tropheus brichardi Kigoma Tropheus brichardi Kipili Tropheus brichardi Malagarasi Tropheus brichardi Mikonga Tropheus brichardi Mvuna Tropheus brichardi Mpimbwe Tropheus brichardi Isonga Tropheus brichardi Mtosi Tropheus brichardi Nyanza Lac Tropheus brichardi Ujiji Tropheus brichardi Ulwile Tropheus brichardi Yungu Tropheus brichardi Zaire 1 Tropheus duboisi bemba Tropheus duboisi Karilani Tropheus duboisi Maswa Tropheus duboisi Ubira Tropheus moorii Chaitika Tropheus moorii Chilanga Tropheus moorii Chipimbi Tropheus moorii Fulwe rocks Tropheus moorii Hinge B Tropheus moorii Kachese Tropheus moorii Kala Red Tropheus moorii Kalambo Tropheus moorii Kalambo Golden Tropheus moorii Kapampa Tropheus moorii Kasanga Tropheus moorii Katili Tropheus moorii Katoto Tropheus moorii Kibwesa Tropheus moorii Kiku Tropheus black Kiriza Kaiser Tropheus moorii Kisambala Tropheus moorii Livua Tropheus moorii Llangi Tropheus moorii Lufubu Tropheus moorii Lupota Tropheus moorii Malasa Tropheus moorii Mbita Tropheus moorii Mpulungu Tropheus moorii Mtosi Tropheus moorii murago Tropheus moorii Mutondwe Tropheus moorii Muzi Tropheus moorii Mwerazi Tropheus moorii Mzumba Tropheus moorii Namanzi Tropheus moorii Nangu Tropheus moorii Ndole Tropheus moorii Nundo head Tropheus moorii Samazi Tropheus moorii Sumbu Tropheus moorii Zongwe Tropheus sp. black Bemba Tropheus sp. black Bulu point Tropheus sp. black Banza Tropheus sp. black Caramba Tropheus sp. black Kifumbwe Tropheus sp. black Magara Tropheus sp. black Makobola Tropheus sp. black Mboko Tropheus sp. black Minago Tropheus sp. black Uvira Tropheus sp. black Ikola Tropheus sp. red Chimba Tropheus sp. red Moliro

All localities are approximate. Tropheus distribution map

Icon Species Locality Common Names
Tropheus annectens Boulenger 1900
Tropheus annectens "Kongole" Albertville, Congo
Tropheus annectens "Bulu Point" Bulu Point, Tanzania Wimple Moorii
Tropheus brichardi Nelissen & Thys Van Den Audenaerde, 1975
Tropheus brichardi "Benga" Benga, Congo
Tropheus brichardi "Isonga" Isonga, Tanzania
Tropheus brichardi "Kabimba" Kabimba, Congo Canary Cheek
Tropheus brichardi "Kalemie" Kalemie, Congo Kaniosha Variant
Tropheus brichardi "Karilani" Karilani Island, Tanzania
Tropheus brichardi "Karilani" Gold Fin Karilani Island, Tanzania
Tropheus brichardi "Kigoma" Kigoma, Tanzania Striped Moorii, Tiger Moorii
Tropheus brichardi "Kipampa" Kipampa, Congo Kavalla
Tropheus brichardi "Kipili" Kipili, Tanzania Wasp Moorii, Yellow Zebra
Tropheus brichardi "Korongwe Bay" Korongwe Bay brichardi Yellow Cheek
Tropheus brichardi "Malagarasi" Malagarasi, Tanzania Lugufu Variant, Gold Moorii, Green Wimple Moorii
Tropheus brichardi "Mikonga" Mikonga, Congo
Tropheus brichardi "Mpimbwe" Mpimbwe, Tanzania Msalaba, Kabwe Variant
Tropheus brichardi "Mtosi" Mtosi, Tanzania
Tropheus brichardi "Mvuna" Mvuna Island, Tanzania
Tropheus brichardi "Nyanza-Lac" Nyanza Lac, Burundi Chocolate Moorii, Saddle Moori
Tropheus brichardi "Ujiji" Ujiji, Tanzania Katonga
Tropheus brichardi "Ulwile" Kigoma, Tanzania
Tropheus brichardi "Yungu" Yungu, Congo
Tropheus brichardi "Zaïre I" Congo, Congo Anthracite Moorii
Tropheus duboisi Marlier, 1959
Tropheus duboisi "Karilani" Karilani Island, Tanzania Narrow Band Duboisi
Tropheus duboisi "Kigoma" Kigoma, Tanzania
Tropheus duboisi "Maswa" Cape Kabogo, Tanzania Broad Band Duboisi
Tropheus duboisi "Bemba" Bemba, Congo Wide Band Duboisi
Tropheus moorii Boulenger 1898
Tropheus moorii "Chaitika" Cape Chaitika, Zambia Kasabae Moorii, Blue Rainbow
Tropheus moorii "Chimba" Chimba, Zambia Black Red Moorii, Cameron Moorii, Sambian Red
Tropheus moorii "Chipimbi" Cape Chipimbi, Zambia Chimpimbi, Kipimbi Moorii
Tropheus moorii "Chiwa"
Tropheus moorii "Hinge B" Hinde B, Tanzania
Tropheus moorii "Ilangi" nw. Nkamba Bay, Zambia
Tropheus moorii "Kachese" Cape Kachese, Zambia Yellow Sambian, Gold Rainbow
Tropheus moorii "Kaku" Kaku, Zambia Zambian Blue Rainbow
Tropheus moorii "Kala" Kala, Tanzania Red Rainbow
Tropheus moorii "Kala" Kala, Tanzania Yellow Rainbow
Tropheus moorii "Kalambo" Kalambo, Zambia Lemon Variant I, Goldfleck Moorii
Tropheus moorii "Golden Kalambo" Kalambo, Zambia OB Moorii
Tropheus moorii "Kalambwe" Kalambwe, Congo Moorii Bright Red
Tropheus moorii "Kalibwe" Green Rainbow Moorii
Tropheus moorii "Kapampa" Kapampa, Congo
Tropheus moorii "Kasanga" Kasanga, Tanzania Tanzania Red Rainbow
Tropheus moorii "Katili" Katili, Tanzania
Tropheus moorii "Katoto" Mbete, Zambia Sunspot
Tropheus moorii "Kibwesa" Kibwesa, Tanzania
Tropheus moorii "Kiku" Kiku, Congo
Tropheus moorii "Kinyamkolo" Kinyamkolo, Zambia
Tropheus moorii "Kisambala" Kisambala, Tanzania
Tropheus moorii "Livua" Livua, Congo Mvua, Vua, Bloodred Moorii
Tropheus moorii "Lufubu" Lufubu, Zambia Blue Rainbow
Tropheus moorii "Lupota" Lupota, Congo Red Breast Moorii, Munshi Variant
Tropheus moorii "Malasa" Malasa Island, Tanzania Mamalesa Island
Tropheus moorii "Mbita" Mbity Rocks, Zambia Mbity Rocks, Lemon spot Moorii
Tropheus moorii "Moliro" Moliro, Congo Red-Tail Moorii
Tropheus moorii "Mpulungu" Mpulungu, Zambia Orangefleck, Sunset Moorii, Muzumwa
Tropheus moorii "Mtosi" Mtosi, Tanzania
Tropheus moorii "Murago" Zongwe, Congo
Tropheus moorii "Mutondwe" Mutondwe Island, Zambia Mutondwe Island, Zitronen Moorii
Tropheus moorii "Muzi" Muzi, Tanzania Blue Blazed Red Rainbow
Tropheus moorii "Muzumba" s. Lunangwa, Congo
Tropheus moorii "Mwerazi" Mwerazi, Congo
Tropheus moorii "Red Namansi" Namansi, Tanzania
Tropheus moorii "Nkamba Bay" Nkamba Bay, Zambia Chilanga Red, Green-red Moorii
Tropheus moorii "Nangu" Nangu, Zambia Kabeyeye Moorii, Yellow Rainbow
Tropheus moorii "Ndole" Ndole Bay, Zambia Red Rainbow
Tropheus moorii "Nundo Head" Nundo Head, Zambia Golden Chisanze
Tropheus moorii "Samazi" n. Kasanga, Tanzania Red Rainbow
Tropheus moorii "Sumbu" Sumbu, Tanzania Green-red Moorii
Tropheus moorii "Wampembe" Wampembe, Tanzania Fulwe Rocks
Tropheus moorii "Zongwe" Zongwe, Congo
Tropheus sp. black
Tropheus sp. black "Banza" Cape Banza, Congo
Tropheus sp. black "Bemba" Bemba, Congo Orange Moorii, Flame Moorii, Red Kaiser
Tropheus sp. black "Bulu Point" Bulu Point, Tanzania Cherry Spot, Double Fleck Moorii, Kirschfleck, Candy Apple
Tropheus sp. black "Caramba" Cape Caramba, Congo Cherry Head, Katende Variant, Cherry Cheek
Tropheus sp. black "Ikola" Ikola, Tanzania Kaiser I, Emperor Moorii
Tropheus sp. black "Kiriza" Kiriza, Congo Kaiser II, Kiriza Kaiser
Tropheus sp. black "Lueba" Lueba, Congo
Tropheus sp. black "Makobola" Makobola, Congo
Tropheus sp. black "Mboko" Mboko, Congo
Tropheus sp. black "Kifumbwe" Kifumbwe, Congo Mboko Variant, Lemon Stripe Moorii
Tropheus sp. black "Minago" Minago, Burundi Black Moorii
Tropheus sp. black "Rutunga" Magara, Burundi Brabant Moorii, Magara Moorii, Red Saddle
Tropheus sp. black "Uvira" Uvira, Congo


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