Cichlid Room Companion


Herichthys labridens, La Mojarra Caracolera

Par , 1996.
Juan Miguel Artigas Azas,

Herichthys labridens, La Mojarra Caracolera

Classement: Aperçu des espèces, Amérique centrale et de l'Amérique du Nord.


Herichthys labridens is a Cichlid that certainly calls attention, it's beautiful breeding colors make it one of the most beautiful Central American Cichlids, and, however, it is also a Cichlid of which few things are known, being too much to know. Observations here written correspond to my own, carried out over several years, in which I have spent countless hours submerged in the waters of its habitat. I have also had the experience of captive maintenance and breeding of this species in my home aquariums.

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