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Shell Dwelling Cichlids from Lake Tanganyika

By , 1996.

Shell Dwelling Cichlids from Lake Tanganyika

Classification: Captive maintenance, Lake Tanganyika.

Neolamprologus meleagris. Photo by Peter A. Lewis

Over my 30 years of being involved with the tropical fish hobby and, in particular the maintenance of fishes from the family Cichlidae, I have always found myself drawn toward the smaller species as opposed to the real "Guapotes" of the cichlid world. As a result, when the first shell-dwellers began to be exported from Lake Tanganyika during the mid-1970s a few species inevitably found their way into my collection. At the time the two most common were Lamprologus ocellatus and L. ornatipinnis. Today, however, a totally different scenario exists with many species available within our hobby that fall under the generic description of "dwarf shell-dweller."

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