Ted Judy, 2004
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Dicrossus filamentosus: There's Something Fishy Going On

By , 1998.

Dicrossus filamentosus: There\'s Something Fishy Going On

Classification: Behavior, South America.

Male in the aquarium Aquarium picture of a male of Dicrossus filamentosus from Rio Negro drainage. Photo by Ad Konings. determiner Mike Wise

Tragedy strikes. Four hours after releasing five Dicrossus filamentosus into their new home, the male decides that the fishroom floor looks nicer than the painstakingly planted tank. I am beside myself. Checkerboard cichlids are not all that easy to find. I had to wait several months to get this group. I think that this situation qualifies for one of Charlie Grimes "Murphys Fish Laws". All the fish in the group are young adults, with the male being full tailed and very colorful. The females are plump and very red in the pectoral fins. The water is soft and acid. The worm and daphnia cultures are going strong. This group is supposed to be the group that finally produce baby checkerboard cichlids in my fishroom. I guess that a few more months are not too long to wait for a new male.

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