Ross Socolof, 1995
Cichlid Room Companion

Expedition To Quintana Roo And Rio Moho

By , 1984.

Expedition To Quintana Roo And Rio Moho

Classification: Distribution and exploration, North America.

'Cichlasoma' bocourti

Today's descendants of the Mayan Indians are still burning their Milpas (corn plots) according to the instructions given more than 1500 years ago by their Mayan priests. Slash and burn early in April, plant your Milpa two weeks later. Nothing has changed in fifteen centuries. In fact, this was the only form of pollution at that time. Today, the thick smoke in early April rising from hundreds and hundreds of burning Milpas made visibility flying into Central America very difficult. Our first stop was Tegucigalpa, Honduras, in route to Belize City. The airport was almost obscured by the smoke from the burning.

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