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I wanted to check on something about rocks. I know Pam is on her trip, but hopefully we can figure this out anyway... I live an area where farming is huge and due to this, there are massive piles of stone laying all over the place. I have taken some of these and scrubbed and sandblasted them to get all of the crud off and then boiled them for 30 minutes. I have not put any in the tank yet, which is currently without fish as I have just put the water in today... But anyway, is it safe to use rocks like this? I cannot afford to buy all of the rock that I want, so I am looking for cheaper ways to do things, I just don't want to do anything that could be detrimental for the tank, especially as I hope to have fish in by Wednesday this week.


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Re: Rocks

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Is there any way you can figure out what kind of rocks you have? If they're granite they'll be fine. If you really want to make sure, you may need to set the rocks in a container with a few test fish to see if they do ok. I use rocks that are found in my local area as well.

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