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ph for Severums

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Hi Pam,
Thanks for your reply on my previous post. I was wondering if you had an opinion on the best ph level for one pair of breeding Gold Severums in my 55 gal. tank? Right now the ph is too low (about 6.2), but I want to know the target I should shoot for.
Also, a local aquarium dude suggested blackwater extract as an adjunct to the other things I am doing to make for a cozy environment for ma and pa Severum. I added some and think it may be a good idea, but won't that also lower my ph? I assume its a bit acidic. Perhaps the ph will climb a little on its own as I just added the blackwater extract last night and tested the ph this morning. Ammonia is relatively low and my nitrites and nitrates are good.
Let me know what you think.
Thanks, :) Charlie

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Hi chazmofo,

I would say that 6.2 pH for severums is probably a bit too low. I think that if you can get it back to neutral; 7.0, that is going to be most ideal. The black water tonic is going to lower your pH and since it is already low, I don't think you need to use this product. Severums have been bred in the hobby for many years, and pH is probably not as critical as it once was, the have adapted to a wider range. Clean water is going to be the main key for you, they love a water change.

A stable pH is also better then trying to manipulate it, the flucuation of going up and down is sometimes worse then just leaving it where it falls. There are many ways to play with your water, it is all trial and error since everyones water is different. You could add a media to your filter, and that may be enough to boost it to 7.0, items that work well are crushed coral, dolomite etc. Or you could go the household method and use a little baking soda, although it won't keep it up forever, it could be enough to hold it between water changes, but it has to be added each time you do a water change.

So there are many options!!
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