Siphoning water

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Hudson Ensz
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Siphoning water

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you told me that i can never siphon too much water from my tanks. but i think i have overdone it. i change 350% of my water every week (50% every day) is this to much? i havent had a fatality for a while from the water quality (that doesnt include fish jumping out of the tank, recently a Aequidens diadema :( , another aequidens speices :( , Mickrogeophagus ramirezi :x :oops: :cry: and a splash tetra have taken their last jump even though i have lids on most of the time!). is this to many water changes? thanks so much bye.

Pam Chin
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Re: Siphoning water

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Hi Hudson,

As long as your fish are used to that size of a water change I encourage you to continue. The only time this isn't a good idea is if the water hasn't been changed for a really long time( months), and you might shock your fish with the fresh water due to a swing the parameters of the water. If you don't change your water for a long time, chances are your pH is not going to be the same as your water source, in this case, you would do water changes more gradually and work them up to the bigger water changes.

There is nothing like fresh water for your fish, they really do love it! Your really need to make sure your tanks are well covered as these darn fish are able to fine any small opening and find a way out.

Keep up the water changes!
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