Rescued trophs 2

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Rescued trophs 2

Post by stormey »

Thank you for your response. Its been no hard to find good info on these specific cichlids. Especially on forums. I keep the parameters at 0, 0, 0-5. Ph is around 8.2 and substrate is crushed coral. Should I increase the ph to 9.0? From my research which is limited it seems that 9 and up is prefered. Temp
around 78. Im somewhat opposed to increasing ph artifically bc if done wrong it could be devistating, buti will if I must.

Im already leaning towards the ilgani opposed to the benga. I just need to find a responsible buyer for these guys. Around what size do you recommend seperating them?

Thank you again for your time

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Re: Rescued trophs 2

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Hi Stormey,

I think with all cichlids, the closer you are to their natural parameters the better your fish are going look and show you their behaviors. Even captive/tank bred fish look better in their proper pH. However with that said, playing around with your pH can come back and bite you. A stable pH is better then one going up and down. Many of the additives used to increase the pH don't last forever and need to be added back in every time you change your water. And if you push the envelope and skip a water change, your pH can crash.

I would say hiking your pH up to 9.0 might be a little scary, with your conditions that is going to take a lot to bump it that high. But, don't be afraid to try a few things and see if you can't bump it up some. Rather than using chemicals, try using substrate; gravel or sand, or media in your filter to raise it a few points. You have nothing to loose.

Regarding temperature I keep mine at 76, so you could drop a couple of degrees.

Personally I rarely mix two species. Since I have been keeping them in species only tanks I have no issues.

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