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I got into cichlids recently by mistake. I chose a couple of what I was told were peacock tiny babies at a pet store & the more I learn the more I realize I was told wrong. I now have a tank of juveniles that I’ve had since so tiny you could barely see them & I am afraid I have them combined wrong. I have several tanks now & want to get them into correct ones but I’m having a rough time. I am dealing with a nasty case of post concussive syndrome & every time I try to figure out which ones to put together I start getting confused & end up spending all day trying to research despite the fact I’m supposed to be off screens & on brain rest. I really love their colors & personality but I need some help getting them all where they need to be. I’ve got approx 23 tanks now & should be able to accommodate most things needed but my brain isn’t cooperating. Add that to being a single mom who is on unpaid medical leave & I don’t know where to turn to get help . I seriously need some help but don’t know where to start, I’m also one of those that cries when I lose a fish so I’ve been very stressed that someone would get harmed or killed. I’m pretty sure I have jewels, some baby mbunas, peacocks, kribs, a rainbow, a bunch of gourami & severum at this point. Tried to post pics but couldn’t make it work. It’s very frustrating to not have your brain cooperating when trying to do something important.
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Re: Help!

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Hi Butterfly,

It is really easy to mix up many of these species. They all look a like when they are fry and it can be impossible even for seasoned aquarist to ID them. It is best if you set some rules.
Never mix fish unless you can easily tell them apart, even when they are small. You can't mix gray fish together, you will never get them sorted out.
I know that is not going to help much in your situation, with the current fish you have, but you have to start somewhere. The others you will have to grow out to see if you can tell any differences, or ID them. But it is unlikely you will ever be able to ID females, since they are all gray.
Always label you tanks
When buy a new fish, make a label and stick on your aquarium. If you move this fish out of the aquarium you move your label. You can use paint pens to write on the glass, or use a label maker.
Do a fish diary
Even if you only write down the name and date of the fish you purchase. It will be valuable info, when you trying to remember where you picked up something. Keep a list of what you are keeping. Record spawns, etc.
It really doesn't matter how many tanks you have, it seems you never have enough. Keep what you really like, and find homes for the rest, it might give you a little more space.
Hope that helps a little
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