Can cichlids breed by themselves?????


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Can cichlids breed by themselves?????

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Hi Pam,

I have had a Texas Cichlid in a 55 gal. tank with numerous other species for about 8-10 months now. Today I got a surprise, my cichlid had flipped over the log in his tank (or her I should say), and laid about 1000 eggs on it! I have a question, can cichlids reproduce on their own? Or do they lay unfertilized eggs like a chicken does? And also, I read on a website somewhere that cichlids can hybridize with other species! If so, I have no idea what it breed with, because the only other fish it goes near are my gouramis and my silver dollar. Help! :shock:

Very confused,

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Re: Can cichlids breed by themselves?????

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Hi Heather,

It is common for females to lay eggs whether a male is present or not. So that could be one possibility, and the other is that it did spawn with another species. Do you have any other cichlids in the tank?? It is unlikely that it could have spawned with the gourami or silver dollar.

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