raising brine shrimp vs decapsulated brine shrimp


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raising brine shrimp vs decapsulated brine shrimp

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Hello. I was wondering what the nutritional values of decapsulated brine shrimp were compared to hatching brine shrimp for mbuna fry? I have looked all over, but can't find an answer other than the people selling decapsulated eggs saying that they are just as nutrutious or more nutritious as hatching your own eggs. This question is asked assumming that both products are used correctly. I also don't expect a numbers answer, but if you could give your opinion on why to use one or the other or if you think there is no major difference. Thanks for any input you can give.


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Re: raising brine shrimp vs decapsulated brine shrimp

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Hi Mark,

I am not sure what the difference are in nutrition. But, personally for me, I have always raised freshly hatched baby brine. One thing that bothers me is that the de-capulation process uses bleach. So basically the shell of the egg is burned off, that bothers me. Its not that difficult to hatch your own brine and many adults will eat baby brine also. I have done a few test with other fry foods that are already prepared and I have not been able to find anything that works as well as freshly hatched baby brine. There is no better food for raising up fry.

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