Size of Tank HELP!!!!


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Size of Tank HELP!!!!

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I am new to cichlids. I haven't even gotten a tank yet. I am thinking of starting an African cichlid tank. I was thinking of getting a 40-55 gallon tank. My question is which size tank would be a good one for a new cichlid owner or i guess to be owner?!?! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!

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Re: Size of Tank HELP!!!!

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Hi cichlid-newbie!

You want to buy the largest tank you can afford. For most cichlids you really need at least a 55 gal tank. If you go smaller you are going to really limit the fish you can get. 55 gal tanks are popular so they are easy to find used, as well as always in stock at the fish store. If you could go larger that would even give you more options.

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