Finding Cichlids Sacremanto area


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Finding Cichlids Sacremanto area

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Hi Pam; I met you about 8 years ago at a Sac. Aquarium Society meeting . You were the guest speaker. I can no longer get their because of work. I am in the process of cycling a 90 gallon tank. I have looked all over Sac. to find a store that knows alot about Cichlids. I have found none yet. I may have to buy online. I am not real keen on that. I am looking for Acei's Rustys, and Lab- Caeruleus. I want males and females. Do you know any private breeders or any other sources? I have been looking at Live Fish Direct. They seem to be the only source that has what I am looking for. I sure would like to buy locally. Thank you any advice is appreciated.

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Re: Finding Cichlids Sacremanto area

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Hi Woaussie,

I rarely go to retail stores so I am not familiar of what is available out there in our area. However the fish you are looking for should be relatively easy to find in most local fish stores. If you can't find what you are looking for here then you need to widen your net. You might want to check out the stores in San Francisco or San Jose to avoid having to ship in. If you want to meet local breeders you are going to have to go a fish club meeting, again whether it is in Sacramento or the bay area. While the clubs do have websites they are not interactive, more informing about up coming events. If you join the clubs and receive their publications then you then can read their want ad's where breeders list fish available, or you can even leave an ad of what you are looking for.

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