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tank racks

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Pam ,
Thanks for your last advise.
I found a extra high capacity rack 96 X 18 X 72 sold by Global for $231 which meets my specifications.
I'm using 20H tanks,4 to a shelf,that's a total of 96".
I will use 2 shelves for tanks and the bottom shelf for storage.
The Unit is 96" and each shelf is good for over 2000 LB.

My question is the 14 gauge steel is painted scratch resistant but not rust proof.
All my tanks will be covered and I will have a air conditioning/heat pump Mitsubishi unit.
The room was just made from a former ground level garage, 9' X 11'.

I'd like to have 3 of these units in the room.
It's either this or build the bulky 2'X4's which my wife[great decorator] does not like.

What do you think?


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Re: tank racks

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I like it! Those stands seem plenty strong, and with the scratch resistant paint, they should serve you well. I love those Mitsubishi split units and a fish room is the ideal application for that kind of unit. If your tanks are well sealed and you don't have any open water in the room, then you shouldn't have too much humidity. If you haven't done so yet, I think you will really like to have a large dial type temperature gauge, so the minute you walk into the room, you can glance at the temperature. And if you are truly a fish geek, there are several to choose from, that also give you the low temperature of your room in the last 24 hours. Also good to have a humidity sensor also. Sometimes you can find all three of these items in one unit. I think the price for the stands is fair, it is going to look nicer then wood and it will last longer, and its a labor saver!

When you are working with water there is always the chance of rust, but it usually only occurs where it is damp, and no air is circulating around it; like the back of the stands and corner areas. Consider some fans that can be on timers, to make sure sure you have no dead spots in the room that aren't getting some type of air circulation. By keeping an eye on your humidity, if it does go up, you will know right away that water is seeping from somewhere.

Its sounding like a nice Cichlid Sanctuary!

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