indigenous species......


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indigenous species......

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I have just read your reply about Blood that reply you said that "our government is leaning towards going the same way with fish as they have birds; not letting anymore non-indigenous species into the country". May I ask what country you are in ?
I am not aware of any nation taking that approach, an approach that would be very drastic in many ways.... pets, ranches, farming, food, to name just a few.
David T.

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Hi David,

I live in the USA! And I am talking about fish, not all animals. Yes our own government could ban the importation of exoctic fish, and we would be stuck keeping Texas Cichlids. Many countries don't allow you to bring fish in, or take fish out. Incidents like finding the snakehead in Maryland waters last year, always gets government excited about banning fish. We don't realize how spoiled we are when it comes to fish, just talk to anyone from Australia where the number of cichlids that can be imported is a very short list.

I don't know all of the issues about how birds are imported these days, but it is not like it use to be, where you bring anything you wanted in to the states.
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