First Shipment!


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First Shipment!

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Hey Pam,

Just thought I would let you know that the first shipment of fish came in tonight. 3 fish, Male Champsochromis, Protomelas Spilonotus Tanzania, and Placidochromis sp. "Phenochilus Tanzania". This is by far the easiest shipment process that I have had... Apart with a bad accident of baby fish. **sigh**, my plan was to move 30 1 inch fry out of 20 gallon into the 90 and for whatever reason that decided to act very "skiddish" and let oh let me tell you did that attract my 7 inch female Nimbochromis Venusteus, she stays in that tank because the male is too hard on her. Well she started going nuts on the little guys, then of course that just excited every other fish in that tank. I ended up losing 15 of them in about two minutes, but I guess that is how it is in nature as well. I managed to save 15 and have them set up in a tank... ANYWAY, back to the exciting part. The Protomelas was showing tons of color out of the bag, this was the Wild Caught fish, no cuts wounds or anything that jumped at me to say it was wild caught. One thing I did notice. THIS FISH WAS SKIDDISH. He just went bonkers and was running around nailing the side of the tank. I turned the lights off right away in the room and still heard him going to town on the glass, I then put a towel over the tank in hopes that in other heater lights or anything wouldn't bother him. I am sure he will be a lot more friendly once we become introduced haha. The champ is only 4.5 inches, "he" didn't seem to have any color, but definitely looks different than my champs, I am a little worried about adding him to the 220 because of his size so I think in a couple of weeks I might put him in my 90 gallon and just let him gain a bit of size, I would hate to put him in the 220 only to get killed. And last but not least, my absolute favorite, the Phenochilus Tanzania, the pictures I have seen of this fish do NOT give it justice. It is just so beautiful. I would say mine is about 4 inches, has a very nice deep blue and seemed to be a very social fish. I added it to the 20 gallon tank and walked in the room a bit later and the fish was following me when I would go to one side, it was almost acting like it wanted food lol. Anyway, I plan to not feed the fish for at least two days. I am not sure if any of them will end up right in my 220, my fish are pretty big, but maybe it will work out. I think my favorite so far is the Pheno followed by the Tanzania, then champ, although I bet I will love that guy when he colors up.

One Question: I have the champ in a 29 gallon all by himself, I have the Tanzania in a 10 gallon all by himself, in a couple days would I possibly be able to add the Tanzania in with the Champ? I wondered if maybe the extra space in that tank would make it feel a little bit more comfortable? Both of these fish came from the same guy, same water, share your thoughts!

And Last, I got that book that you told me to get by Ad K. It was a great read, a lot of info was in the book, I realized I do know a lot, but reading it puts in even more connections, it seems like I could be learning about this stuff forever. It is great how it is split up with the different fish and then has all the species profiles on them. Any other books I should look into getting?

Thanks again for ur help picking out fish : )


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Re: First Shipment!

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Hi Seth,

Great, I am so glad to hear about your positive transaction!! Wild Caught fish are a little skiddish, turning off the light is good and covering is good, make sure he has cave and if you think he is running into the decoration just make him a cave he can get in and take the rest of the stuff out. I do think you could probably combine him with the Champ once they are settled in and until you are ready to add to the big tank.

You will find the books is a great reference tool. You get a pic and the run down, short and sweet! If you want to get a more in depth version of that, the next step is Malawi Cichlids In The Natural Habitat, 4th Edition, by Ad Konings, and wow what a deal I paid $80.00 for this book, I see its on sale. It is the bible for Malawi Fish. ... 632&sr=1-1

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