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water movement

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Hi pam
i have a 75 gal with a sump. how should i aim the return water jets? Down into the aquarium or across the top of the water to make waves and bubbles or a combination of both? Also the filter sock maintenance should be weekly or let it go longer? Its a new established tank about 4 weeks old? I am housing mbuna but only those two pseudotropheus i was talking about the other day
thanks again

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Re: water movement

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Hi Frank,

I think it is best to aim it so you do get some surface movement on the top of the water, but you don't want it to be splashing the water either. You want to aim it away from your intake as well. Usually a visual look at the prefilter on your intake will let you know if you need to clean it off. Sometimes with new set up aquariums, you may have a little more litter floating around, but once everything settles, cleaning it when you do your regular maintenance should be fine.

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