hap moori companions


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hap moori companions

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hello - new to the hobby - researching a lot about cichlids, I can ask three people the same question and I get three different answers!
I have purchased a 55gallon tank and was hoping to include the dolphin cichlid in the mix.
I need to figure out who would make good companions for that fish

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Re: hap moori companions

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Hi Annie!

I am big fan Cyrtocara moorii, but they when they are full grown they are really going to need more than a 55 gallon tank. You didn't say how many you were looking to keep, but 3 would probably be a good start if you are getting juveniles. I think you could probably do 2 other mbuna species, like yellow labs would be great, they get along with everyone and it would be a good contrast of color. I would also suggest any species of Cynotilapia, they also will do good with C. moorii.

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