hap moori companions PT 2


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hap moori companions PT 2

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Thank you Juan for your suggestions.
I just finished setting up the tank this weekend and after placing the rocks and such, I actually thought that the tank looked small!
Anyhow, I was linking that perhaps 3 of the dolphins, 3 of the yellow labs and 3 of the cynotilapia would be a good amount - are you in agreement?
I can't wait until my tank is finished "cycling" so that I can get my new friends!
BTW, some people have told me that I should first get a couple of "test" fish - just to make sure that all is okay with the tank environment.
If I test my water for proper PH and hardness, do I really need to have the test fish?

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Re: hap moori companions PT 2

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Thats going to be okay for a while, but eventually you will either have to move up to a larger tank, or just keep the C. moorii. Keep that in mind. With that said, consider less rock means you have more actual water, more rock, you have less water, so consider fewer rocks since you have more fish.

Unless you are able to jump start the cycle process, there are products at the fish store that do this or get some seasoned filter media from a friend, you are probably better off to wait. I don't think you need test fish, and you never want to use gold fish for cycle fish, its a good way to get disease and parasites in your new tank. If you are up to water changes, maybe just get one of your choices until the tank cycles. You have to do a few more water changes if you go that route. One thing you don't want to do is put a big load on your filter right away if it is not cycled, so adding all the fish would do that, but for example if you wanted to get your (3) yellow labs now, you could use them to help cycle the tank. Then once the tank is ready to go, you add the rest.

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