crushed coral for hap moori?


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crushed coral for hap moori?

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Hi - just read some disturbing text on another website which stated that crushed coral should not be used as a substrate in a Malawi cichlid tank.
I actually purchased crushed coral on the advice of a sales clerk at my LFS - and he knew that my intention was to keep hap moorii and yellow labs.
What are your thoughts - please advise.

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Re: crushed coral for hap moori?

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Crushed Coral is really good for a filter media, but I don't like to use it as a substrate in the tank. It is very sharp, and can cut your fish. C. moorii likes to eat sifted sand for diatoms, so they are constantly in it. I can't recommend it.

Get your self a nice neutral color sand and you don't need to much 1" or so is plenty.

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