Info on setting up a new tank


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Info on setting up a new tank

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Hi Pam,
I have a 90 gallon tank with oak base and canopy in storage. I have not tried to set the system up because when I bought it (for only $350) it came with a really old canister filter and I don't even know if it works. I have my fish in about a 29 gallon tank and they seem to be happy, but I am dying to upgrade the size and get more fish. The problem is, I cannot find any reasonably priced filtration systems as I am on a very strict budget. Can you offer any advice on a place where I can get some supplies cheap. I had thought about setting it up with 2 smaler (like 50 gallon) top filters, but I don't know if that would even work. I know that with Cichlids filtration is critical.

Thank you for what you do by the way, I have found more information here than anywhere else I have looked.


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Re: Info on setting up a new tank

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Hi Glen,

There are many different filtration methods, and I always tell everyone they should use what you are most comfortable with. But money can be a consideration too! So first off, you need to figure out if the cannister works. You can probably find the manual for it on the manufacturers website. Cannisters are nice, you have everything contained, you can play around with different filter medias etc. when it comes time to clean it, you take the whole thing to the sink and do it.

When you have a larger tank most would agree that having two filters on the tank is always better incase one quits on you. If you are looking for the most effective bang for the buck so to speak, the best option is sponge filters and run them a powerhead. You can stack two pond filters in each corner of the tank. Then you have two filters as well. Of course it doesn't look that great, but if you can put up with that, you can have a good system on your tank for not very much money, easily under $100.00

You buy (2) Bases ... ter-5.html

You buy (2) stack kits ... kit-5.html

You buy (2) Powerheads

And then you are done!

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