Egg problem again


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Egg problem again

Post by Glen »

Okay, so I posted about some egg-sacks in my 26 gallon tank a few weeks ago. I have since started a 75 gallon tank and had originally 2 Malawi Cichlids in it. I went to the local store that I started going to a week ago on Friday and bought 8 small juveniles. I was out of town last week and my wife was taking care of the fish and when I got home Saturday night, three of my new ones were dead and one had some really bad fungus and what looked like ick... i have medicated the tank, the one is gone and one more is sick... anyway, that is beside the point, I think I have that problem under control.
Now, I have noticed these tiny slimy sack-like balls in the bottom of the tank (in the gravel) and in these are what appears to be very small eggs. To my knowledge, none of my fish in this tank are old enough to breed, and they are all mouth breeders so this cannot be from them, but I have not had anything else in the tank. No snails, no shrimp, no anything else...

What can this possibly be? I am lost and cannot find anyone who can answer this question for me... Please try to help again. I will try to get a good enough picture to post one, but they are so small that it will be difficult.


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Re: Egg problem again

Post by Lisachromis »

Wow, sounds like a lot of problems. At the very least I would be doing some more water changes, to help clear up the tank and hopefully deal with any other issues. The picture was tough to see. Are there a lot of them in your tank? Can you try for a clearer image of these things?
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