temensis - setting up a new tank


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temensis - setting up a new tank

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Hi Pam. this is my first post. I apologise if I came to the wrong section. I am contemplating building a 12ftx12ft concrete pond with side glass panels for viewing the fish. It will be 3ft deep. I intend to keep Arapaima, Oscars and also Temensis in it. Will they be compatible? Will the tank/pond be big enough as I realise the fish do get to quite a big size. Filtration will be via a bottom drain to an external filter. Any information will be appreciated. Any suggestions re other fish I can add to the pond? Eg Giant Gourami? Thank you.

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Re: temensis - setting up a new tank

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Hi kawolski,

Wow, that sounds like a fun project!!!

My weak math skills tell me that is over 3000 gallons, you should have enough room.

I encourage you to go over to Monster fish keepers forum and just looking around you can see what some of these guys have done, and what has and has not worked for some of these aquarists.


When you look at these other peoples set ups, besure to take them with the grain of salt. Ideally you want to incorporate the best ideas that work for your situation and that don't break the bank! You want to make sure you have enough money left over for the fish!

When it comes to fish, please double check and make sure it is legal to keep these fish in your area, I know Arapaima is illegal in some US states.

It is going to be best to buy fish that are juveniles, it is going to be harder to obtain larger specimens and then hope they get along. Large fish that are raised up together learn to tolerate each other. Larger fish with smaller fish can be a tough challenge.

I encourage you to feed the prepared foods from the get go, feeding live foods will increase their aggression. I am not sure on the arapaima if you can get them on pellets or not? But that would certainly be ideal. If not you need a reliable source of live food, and buying gold fish at the lfs is not a relilable source!

Good Luck with your project!!!

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