Hey Pam! long time no see


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Hey Pam! long time no see

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hey there pam, its your friendly neighborhood african cichlid enthusiast anthraxx! sure has been awhile, seems cichlid-forum is dead. did you have any other reccomendations on places to go that might be a bit more populated? hope all is well with your fish house and gary too. thanks for the assistance

On a side note: i know it may seem weird but im currently trying to apply for some fish store positions and thought you might be the perfect reference, considering most of my early on information came straight from the master. its cool if you dont feel comfortable i just couldnt think of anyone better suited. please get back to me via pm, email, w/e :). my email addy is [email protected] Thanks again for always taking the time to share your knowledge with others and pointing people in the right direction. The hobby is a better place with people like yourself.

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Re: Hey Pam! long time no see

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Hey Anthrax,

It is good to hear from you. All is good here!

I used to have a some good times in that little chat room. Hope the walls can't talk! I haven't found a new one yet. I was hoping the Tropheus forum I hang out on would put in a chat room, but nothing yet. I have been hanging out on FB more to get that instant response, but its not the same. lol There are tons of fish people on FB though, so that has been fun.

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