I have a couple of very nice fish to sell trade


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I have a couple of very nice fish to sell trade

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I have a couple of very nice fish I’m planning on depart with:

- What is the best way to go about this?
- I’m located in the St Louis area
- I don’t know if the upcoming May auction in St. Louis is appropriate for rare show quality fish?
- I don’t know how or if it’s possible to assure their health at such an event?
- Is your website an appropriate action for such?
- Most of all, I just want to find a good home for them!

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Re: I have a couple of very nice fish to sell trade

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I always encourage people to check out the fish clubs in their area. Its a great place to meet people with like mines. I have spoken at the St. Louis club a couple of times and they are nice group of people. You don't have to join to go the club meetings, it is just suggested after a few times to join to support the club. But check it out! you might find some awesome fish there as well. Also you might try and see if there is a local fish trading group on face book around the st. Louis area, and leave a message in any of the fish forums.

It is harder to move around larger fish, going to be best if you coud sell thru trading post rather then auction.


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