LARGE HAPs and Peackocks in SF Bay Area


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LARGE HAPs and Peackocks in SF Bay Area

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Hello Pam,
I've come to a crossroad with my 125 gallon of Large Haps (7"+) and Peacocks (Males). They are beautiful but yet a handful.
Now with family activities and a busy schedule, i would like to find a good and caring home for these big boys. My local shop cannot take
them, and some other local shops i just don't agree with their practices.

Any specific leads and contacts that you have would be appreciated. I'm in San Francisco and yes, i've attended a couple of your
presentations years back.
I ran into a service guy who takes care of a 400+ gallon african bio-type at an auto dealership, but i lost the info. Are you aware of such, or aware of the dealership?

Well, thank you for your help.

Pam Chin
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Re: LARGE HAPs and Peackocks in SF Bay Area

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Hi Geedoy,

You should be able to find good homes for those cichlids. There are 2 strong clubs in the area.

San Francisco Aquarium Society

Pacific Coast Cichlid Assosciation

If you need to get rid of them quicker then going to a club. Try the Bay Area cichlid on Facebook. Much better then craigs list…..

Good Luck!
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