Changing tank inhabitants


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Changing tank inhabitants

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I am thinking of changing tank inhabitants from a community tank to a cichlid tank. Is it wrong to put my green terror cichlid in the community tank and let nature take its course?

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Re: Changing tank inhabitants

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Hi Martin,

When you start to mix cichlids there are so many variables. It sounds like your "Green Terror" is your primary focus. The current scientific name for this fish is now: Andinoacara rivulatus If you do a google search you can find out more about them, and what others have experienced.

Tank size is going to be critical, and I am not sure how big yours is. If you want tank mates you are going to need a minimum of 100 gallons. Some have been successful with some of the medium size Central American cichlids. You will want to stick with New World Cichlids since it is not a good idea to mix geographical areas like South America and Africa for example.

I would also encourage you to consider just keeping this fish by him/herself, they really do love being the center of attention. No tank mates means nothing to fight over, and no one to fight with. Often adult fish, that are on the aggressive side, will never except tank mates, you may get one that can duck and dive for a few months, but eventually they are going to be nailed. I have had single fish several times over the years, and I have really enjoyed the interaction! Its like having a dog in a tank!

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