Hormoned enhanced Africans


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Hormoned enhanced Africans

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Hi there. I am searching for any and all research available surrounding the Effects color enhancing hormones have on the fish they are fed to? I have heard they can shorten life span, cause infertility and can cause females to develop body structure, finnage and color like males. There has been an insurgence of juiced fish flooding the hobby these days, mainly coming from Thsilsnd and Asia. Most hobbyists like myself, know that this practice is detrimental to the fish but lack the science behind why? I would like to educate those considering purchasing fish that have been hormoned.

Any information would be greatly appreciated

Brandy K

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Re: Hormoned enhanced Africans

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Hi Brandy,

It is definitely abused in the ornamental fish world. I don't know of any specific studies myself, but I would be more apt to look under papers that have been done on aquaculture for food fish; salmon, trout, tilapia. The reason some ornamental fish outlets use it is for sexing, this reason alone is key to maximizing their breeding facilities, the side effects are beneficial when it comes to selling the males. Who doesn't want a loud colored fish.

The hormones I have seen being used were not in food, but water soluble, so the fish just have to swim in it. It is probably more high tech than that now, but it was certainly faster than feeding them.

I have heard all these points before, 25 + years ago, and the answer are the same. It is dependent on the concentration and exposure of which there are no guidelines or laws. But females can practically be turned into males, life spans can be shortened, and probably the most common is sterile fish. It is just like any animal or human on hormones it eventually catches up with you.

It it is consumer driven, people demand fish with loud colors. Rookies need to realize that when you see a 2" peacock that looks like a flare, it is not normal, and they need patience. It is quite frustrating that they can't wait a few months for a fish to color up. The fish enablers know this!

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