Where do I go on this site to find fish for sale.


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Where do I go on this site to find fish for sale.

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Hi. I'm new to this forum and to this site but I was a member of the ACA back in the 90's. In fact, I attended ICC in New Orleans (whenever that was). I previously purchased some Africans off of the trading post back then. My question is: Are people still using the trading post on this site to sell fish? The reason I'm asking is because I went to what I thought was the place to search for fish for sale, typed in "Tropheus" and nothing at all came up! Is this because no one is currently selling Tropheus or did I not search in the correct spot?

By the way, you should know that I don't currently have any tanks set up but I just wanted to get a "feel" for current Tropheus species before I even get my hopes up. I'm also a member of many other sites about Tropheus on Facebook, etc. and was hoping that this site would be a good resource as well.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me!

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Re: Where do I go on this site to find fish for sale.

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Hi pajones,

There isn't an ACA trading post anymore.

There is the trading section on CRC, but I don't think a lot of people use it.

I think there is more fish listed on Facebook than anywhere, forums are not very popular anymore.

You just go to a cichlid site that is for Tanganyikan Cichlids and say what you are looking for and where you live, and you will get responses. Everyone and their Aunt Mary ships fish now, so there is lots to choose from, do your homework and check around before you buy. Start local, because you can save on shipping but you also can likely see the parents. Not to mention less stress on you and the fish!

Have fun shopping!
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