Convict Cichlids - some help please!

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Convict Cichlids - some help please!

Post by SarahLou »

I am really hoping that you can help me! Around a year ago, we were sold 3 convict cichlids, since then they have cleared the tank of all other species aside from a Plec and a fairly big loach. As you will have guessed, we are novices at this and would not have bought them if we had not been assured that they were friendly fish who would do well in a community tank..... I now have a population explosion and am worrying about the 2 other fish and the ability of the tank to support around 30 fish of varying sizes. There is a lot of aggression in the tank and I need to remove the cichlids but don't know how or what to do with them.
Can you advise me please? I have had the plec for about 2 years and really don't want to lose him!
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Re: Convict Cichlids - some help please!

Post by Lisachromis »

You can ask your local petstore if they would take any of the convicts from you. You can offer them to others online. Convicts breed easily and as you have found out, they become very protective then. Giving the fish away should solve your population problem. If you still like the convicts, you can keep a few, but make sure they are one sex only. Good luck.
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