Too Close for comfort?

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Too Close for comfort?

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I hope I didn't just wreck the household, got to wondering after I ordered and figured I should come in here and ask the experts.
I ordered I male and 3 females of both Cynotilapia Afra Nkhata Bay (Yellow Blaze) and White Top,Cynotilapia sp. "Hara" Gallireya Reef. Are they going to be hating on each other all the time. I know that choosing tank inhabitants that do not resemble each other is important and from online pictures one is pretty much all white with black bars and the other is more blue with black bars but...?
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Re: Too Close for comfort?

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Hi AquaKrazi,

If you are concerned about cross breeding, the answer is yes. You have (2) different species, and they are from the same Genus. They are in a rock dwelling group, any of these fish will cross if the opportunity is there. For breeding, and to insure the species is kept clean, should be carried out in a species only tanks, so there is no possible way for a crossing to occur.

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