Female Peacock Colour Silver or Brown

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Female Peacock Colour Silver or Brown

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Hi Pam,

I have peacock colony with a large number of females. Some are the more silver color and others the brown. I have seen groups for sale with the question asked if the females are more silver or brown. I don't quite understand why this question would be asked. So, my question to you is:

Is one of the 2 colors more preferably in terms of breeding, whether it be better color male offspring, one color female is more dominant than the other, species, or any other reason why this question would be asked, other than just a personal preference in color to the person asking?

Thanks in advance,
Pam Chin
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Re: Female Peacock Colour Silver or Brown

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Hi Greg,

They females should all look the same within the same species. There maybe some variance, due to mood, or trying to blend in with your substrate but not really a substantial difference in color. And this silver can be called brown by some, there maybe some yellow hues, etc. But again, if the fish are the same species they should be fairly close to the same color unless there is an issue to make them a different color, such as stress. You know how fish darken up when they are stressed.

Some species may appear more brown then silver, but they should all be that same color of brown within a species.

So not sure if I answered your question to your satisfaction? I would be suspect of females that are not closely colored the same.

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