Aulonocara Colony Size

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Aulonocara Colony Size

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Hi Pam,

Thanks for the reply from my previous post, and yes, I believe the slight color variation in females change in brown/silver from the substrate and/or stress at times.

Next question. Assuming a 6 foot tank 150g. 2 males and X number of females. Can too many females, within reason be an issue for breeding? I.e. 10, 15, 20 females.

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Re: Aulonocara Colony Size

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Hi Greg,

You can never have too many females, in larger groups I don't dwell on the ratio of the fish. In larger groups extra males are great for taking aggression away from the females. With only two males, you are not giving the ladies enough to pick from. With only two males, I would be so afraid if I were to lose one, let alone two, so definitely you need more males in a large tank and large group.

I am assuming that these would be the only occupants of the tank, a species only tank?

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