Cynotilapia zebroides?

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Cynotilapia zebroides?

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Last year I started with my first cichlid aquarium. A 50g with 21 cichlids. The Cynotilapia Jalo Reef is one of the cichlids I wanted and went hunting for a cichlid store here in Florida. They are far from me but they shipped. Looking at the 50g after a few month, I thought about adding more cichlids down the line and in came a 130g. As they started growing they never had the yellow dorsal fin like the Jalo Reef. Even after contacting them they still stood by it was a Jalo Reef. Just last week, it started bugging me again and want to find out what they are. Pam, can you put my mind to rest or at least to narrow it down what is it that I have?

For me it's either a "Hai Reef" or.....There was another that I was looking at but for the name.
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Re: Cynotilapia zebroides?

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Hi Rare,

You nearly have to be an ichthlogist to figure some of these out. Cynotilapia was just recently switched a few species around and Jalo has fallen into the Zebroides. It still looks like an Afra to me. lol But these zebroides are what these yellow fin afra types are being called now.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell these fish apart in the aquarium, because of lighitng, diet and conditions. With out the optimum conditions and diet the fish is not going to be the color you often see in the books.

It is frustrating when you buy something and it isn't what you thought you were getting, but it happens. If you truly like this one don't give up on it, jalo is a really nice mbuna to work with. Try getting them again from a different source. Also make sure you get pictures of the breeding group first.

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