peacock in cave of the Otter point

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peacock in cave of the Otter point

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Hi Pam,

The picture was cut from a video which taken in the caves of the Otter point. I check the database that the geographical variant of Stuartgranti in Otter point should be the Cobue, but this one's pelvic fins are not as red as Cobue. Please help to identify this geographical variant of Stuartgranti peacock, would it be "Chilumba"?
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Re: peacock in cave of the Otter point

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Hi London,

Update: This fish has been ID'd as Otopharnyx lithobates

Otopharnx lithobates is not native to Otter point or Otter Island. At some point someone let some loose there. In the very beginning when Malawi cichlids where first collected and imported, the collection station was very close to Otter point. Unfortunately the importers would dump extra fish back into the lake or they escaped from cages or drums that they were kept in and it appears that it was let go in the area, and now many years later it has thrived. It is not the only fish that this has happened to. There are mbuna populations like Cynotilapia, Labidochromis, Melanochromis, etc., as well as Aulonocara stuartgranti at Thumbi West Island near this same area that have also established populations.

It is illegal to collection fish in the Malawi National Park where Otter Island/Otter Point is located.

Hope that helps some!
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