Labidochromus Caerulus hybrid? Lion's Cove?

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Labidochromus Caerulus hybrid? Lion's Cove?

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Hello! I'm in the process of stocking a 60gal Malawi tank. So far I've only introduced half a dozen juvenile Yellow Labs. All of them were 1-1.5" when I brought them home and pretty evenly yellow. I noticed one of them had a paler underbelly than the others but didn't think much of it attributing it to the stress of being transplanted to it's new home. However, after 2 weeks the white has only become more pronounced. I'm wondering if this is some kind of hybrid or perhaps a subspecies of Lab like a Lion's Cove that might have gotten mixed in? Here's a pic I captured from a video which I hope will help with identification. It's definitely a beautiful fish as it's getting a lot of iridescence on the tip of it's dorsal fin and it's cheeks. I have no intention of taking it back to the pet store and just wanted to know what I'm dealing with and if I should worry about it breeding with the others? Thanks in advance for your help!

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Re: Labidochromus Caerulus hybrid? Lion's Cove?

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Hi Micichlidguy,

Unfortunately your photo/video didn't come thru, but Labidochromis caeruleus is all yellow, there is no white on the body. If you want to breed true Labidodchromis caeruleus than I think you should be looking for different stock. See if you can find a local breeder, or check for online sources. Be sure you ask around about the on line sellers, to make sure getting the real deal.

It is too much work to breed and raise fry only to find out they hybrids, no one is going to want to them. Do some checking around and fine a reliable source for all your fish needs. Sadly there is junk going around, so do your homework first.

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